Scientist warned about the threat of “the end of all life” on Earth

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Scientist warned about the threat of

On Earth, “the end of all life” may come as a result of the contact of human civilization with aliens. For this reason, people shouldn't even try to make contact with them. This point of view is presented in an article published in the Washington Post.

“Most likely, we should all be grateful that we do not yet have any evidence of contact with alien civilizations. Attempts to contact aliens, if they exist, can be extremely dangerous for us, “- said its author, physicist Mark Buchanan.

He compares the possible meeting of earthly civilization and aliens with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America. Then the more ancient, but less technologically advanced civilization of the Indians was vulnerable to European “aliens”.

Referring to the relatively young age of our galaxy, Buchanan argues that we will turn out to be a more primitive civilization against the background of the inhabitants of galaxies and planets that are millions of years older than ours.

The publication also provides an alternative point of view on the problem of extraterrestrial contact. It is expressed by Douglas Vacoch, American astrobiologist, psychologist and president of METI International, an organization that aims to establish contact with other civilizations.

By ignoring their potential galactic neighbors, Earth's inhabitants may “miss out on leadership that could increase the resilience of our own civilization,” Vakoch said.

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