Scientists allow one bottle of wine a week for heart health

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Scientists allow one bottle of wine a week for heart health

Scientists at University College London have named a heart-healthy dose of alcohol. Experts conducted 12 studies with the participation of 48 thousand volunteers – men and women with cardiovascular diseases.

Analysis of patient data showed that those who drank about six grams of alcohol per day had little or no risk of cardiovascular disease. Those who drank about 15 grams of alcohol per day, the risk of illness would be slightly higher, but still lower than that of non-drinkers altogether.

Also, heart problems were not observed in those who drank a bottle of beer or half a bottle of wine a day. This category of patients in terms of the level of risk was next to non-drinkers.

As a result, scientists were able to name the ideal dose of alcohol that can be safely drunk for heart health – 105 grams of alcohol per week – a bottle of wine or three bottles of medium-strength beer, Channel Five reports.

It is also noted that the risk of a second heart attack or stroke was reduced by 50% for those who drank about 6 grams of alcohol every day, and for those who did not drink at all – only by 21%, the TV channel “360” reports.

“Our results indicate that people with cardiovascular disease may not need to completely stop drinking to prevent heart attacks, strokes or angina pectoris, but they can reduce their weekly alcohol consumption,” one Free Press researcher cites “.

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