Scientists explain the impossibility of stopping the pandemic with masks

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Scientists explain the inability to stop the pandemic with masks

Wearing protective masks cannot stop the coronavirus pandemic. The interviewed scientists explained this phenomenon to The Daily Mail.

Paul Digard, a virologist at the University of Edinburgh, indicated that the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. If a person coughs or sneezes, the virus in the droplets is released into the air. The virus particles themselves are too small and easily penetrate the tissue, but if the virus is in large water droplets, it can no longer overcome the barrier.

Masks are effective when worn correctly, meaning a person's mouth and nose must be covered, said Professor Jimmy Whitworth of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. If some people are not wearing protective equipment correctly, it will be difficult to determine their effectiveness. “We don't know exactly what effect the masks have. But common sense dictates that they are worth wearing, ”he added.

Earlier, American researchers found out which masks are most effective in a pandemic. According to the research, the different types of masks are dramatically different from each other. So, the greatest protection against the virus is provided by N95 respirators, followed by surgical masks with ties and procedural masks with additional protection in the form of a nylon stocking on top and secured with rubber bands. Among household masks, double-layer nylon masks showed good results. Cotton bandanas, polyester masks, balaclavas protect 50 percent or less. The lowest results are for masks made of non-woven polypropylene and three-layer cotton.

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