Scientists Find Out How Bottle Plastic Affects Sperm Quality

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Scientists Find Out How Bottle Plastic Affects Sperm Quality

Probably UNESCO will declare 2045 the year of the sperm. And he, the latter, will be honored as a hero. Simply because this year the sperm will run out.

Scientists are sounding the alarm. And all the time and for various reasons. The alarm is worn to holes, but no one, as usual, pays attention. Until recently, they were worried about overcrowding and that there would not be enough food for everyone. But now things are turning out in such a way that overpopulation does not threaten us very much. Rather, the opposite is true.

Scientists Find Out How Bottle Plastic Affects Sperm Quality

Plastic for bottles and other containers, which had long been suspected of being harmful, entered the arena again, but manufacturers did tests and reassured that everything was in order. Shanna Swan of Mount Sinai Medical Center estimates that the quality of sperm in men in Western countries fell by 59% between 1973 and 2011, and by 2045 there will be no sperm at all.

And Patricia Ann Hunt, Swan's colleague from the University of Washington, donated another group of mice for the sake of science and found out that phthalates and bisphenol A lead to this effect. These substances are similar to estrogens and destroy the male endocrine system: in the third generation, 20% of mice became infertile.

There is some good news too! How to determine the size of the penis: myths and truth.

The problem is that bisphenol A is a hardener that is found in polycarbonate, thermal paper, the lining of beverage cans, and phthalates are used in the production of PET bottles. True, experts debate whether PET terephthalates are as harmful as the phthalates that were fed to Washington mice.

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