Scientists have called Native Americans immigrants from Siberia

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Scientists have called Native Americans immigrants from Siberia

Russian scientists, together with their Spanish and American colleagues, came to the conclusion that Native Americans could have come from Siberia.

The Izvestia edition tells about the research briefly. Previously, there was a popular hypothesis that the Native Americans descended from the Japanese Jomon people. They led a similar lifestyle and made the same weapons. However, scientists have refuted this idea with the help of bioanthropological analysis.

Researchers compared the tooth structure of ancient Americans and the Japanese Jomon people using the rASUDAS web application. As it turned out, they are quite far from each other.

In addition, scientists have seen that Native American nucleic acids have sequences from residents of several regions of Northeast Asia, including Siberia. “We assume that the origins of the Native Americans lie somewhere in Siberia. But where exactly, we still have to find out, and here we will not do without the approaches of biological anthropology, ”the researchers noted.

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