Scientists have created artificial silk that is stronger than steel

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Scientists have created artificial silk that is stronger than steel

The network has information about a fresh discovery of scientists from the University of Washington in St. Louis. They developed hybrid proteins of amyloid silk that were not only stronger than some natural spider analog, but also steel.

True, the last statement becomes true only when it comes to repeating 128 units of protein, writes ACS Publications. The longer the length, the stronger and tougher the fiber of which the artificial silk is made,

The engineers responsible for the new discovery emphasize that they have created an artificial fiber that outstrips natural material in its properties.

Note that some of the scientists responsible for the novelty have already worked with spider silk before. So, back in 2018, the head of the group created bacteria that managed to produce recombinant spider silk. As a result, he was able to repeat his natural counterpart in all basic mechanical properties.

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