Scientists have discovered an antibody that protects against all strains of coronavirus

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Scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine studied 43 antibodies and identified one that can neutralize all known coronavirus mutations. The results obtained by the experts are published on the university website. It turned out that SARS2-38 can fight against strains of the coronavirus known as alpha, beta, gamma, delta, kappa, iota, and more rare mutations. This property is explained by the fact that it attaches to that part of the viral spike protein that remains unchanged in different strains.

“This antibody has both a high neutralizing effect (which means it works very well at low concentrations) and a broad neutralizing effect (which means it works against all variants) at the same time,” said senior study author, MD Michael Diamond.

The researchers warned that many strains of the coronavirus are resistant to drugs developed from the original variant. Therefore, effective neutralizing antibodies are needed that can support the body's immunity.

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