Scientists have discovered the effect of marijuana on vision

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Scientists have discovered the effect of marijuana on vision

Spanish scientists have found that consumption of marijuana impairs vision. At least for the period when a person is under the influence of drugs. This can turn into misfortune if, for example, a person in this state sits behind the wheel.

Scientists said that marijuana use affects visual acuity, sensitivity to contrast, ability to focus, and other visual functions. The researchers figured this out by testing 31 volunteers. They all used marijuana regularly. It turned out that under the influence of the drug, visual acuity, like other visual indicators, decreases. However, many of the volunteers did not realize that they began to see worse.

Scientists believe that marijuana affects the visual cortex of the brain, and also has an analgesic effect that desensitizes the cornea. As a result, the frequency of blinking decreases, the tear film dries up, and the refraction of light is disturbed.

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