Scientists have discovered two cave lion cubs in the permafrost in Yakutia

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Moscow. 8 August. INTERFAX.RU – A group of international scientists discovered two ice age lions in the permafrost in Yakutia. The bodies of cave lion cubs are among the best-preserved prehistoric animals, according to NBC News.

Scientists believe that the cave lion cubs, named Boris and Sparta, roamed the steppe in what is now eastern Russia thousands of years ago. They were found in the Yakutsk region. It is believed that the lion cubs were about a month or two when they died. They were about the size of an adult domestic cat. Carbon analysis showed that Boris and Sparta mummified in roughly the same location thousands of years apart. According to a study published in the journal Quatenary, Boris is about 43,448 years old and Sparta is 27,962 years old.

The Center for Paleogenetics at Stockholm University tweeted that Sparta “is arguably the best-preserved #iceage ever found!”

Cave lions, or Panthera spelaea, once lived across much of Eurasia before becoming extinct about 10,000 years ago.

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