Scientists have established that Venus was never inhabited

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Scientists have established that Venus was never inhabited

Scientists have established that Venus was never inhabited

A group of scientists from France and Switzerland found that the conditions on the planet Venus were not suitable for the development of life even in ancient times. The study was carried out using digital modeling, reports Nature .

Venus is called the evil twin of the Earth. The temperature on this planet reaches 460 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 92 times higher than that of the Earth, and the atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid.

A widespread theory is that a few billion years ago, the climate on Venus was much milder. Oceans could even exist on its surface. But then a cataclysm struck, and conditions changed.

A new study has shown that even in ancient times, when the sun was much weaker, the surface of Venus was too hot for the presence of liquid water.

Young Venus, like Earth, was covered in magma. But the Earth was protected from sunlight by clouds. Thanks to this, the temperature dropped so much that the water was able to condense and fall out in the form of precipitation.

Events on Venus developed differently. Clouds appeared only on the night side and did not cool the planet, but, on the contrary, created a greenhouse effect.

“The temperature never got so low that water in the atmosphere could form raindrops,” the study said.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that oceans never existed on Venus. The water remained in gaseous form in its atmosphere. It is interesting that the Earth from such a fate was saved only by the weak radiation of the young Sun. At the beginning of its existence, our star was 30% fainter. If it shone as brightly as it does now, the Earth would turn into a hot desert.

Another theory says that life on Venus can still exist, but not on the surface, but in the clouds. The conditions there are milder and microorganisms can support photosynthesis.

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