Scientists have found a new organ in plants

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Scientists have found a new organ in plants

The network has appeared as a result of fresh observation by botanists of Tal's rezukovidki. This is a kind of analogue of experimental mice in the plant world.

It is all the more surprising that only now scientists have discovered an organ in them, the existence of which was previously unknown to science. But interestingly, it develops only in a part of plants, Development reports. In order for this to happen, a number of certain conditions must be met.

They decided to call the new organ “cantil”. It is derived from the English word cantilever, meaning a cantilever beam protruding horizontally from the structure and fixed at one end.

It was possible to achieve the appearance of a new organ outside the laboratory – under artificial illumination, rezuhovids grow in a special mode, the conditions for the formation of this cantile practically do not appear.

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