Scientists have found rare rock paintings of a bird in an Italian cave

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Scientists have found rare rock paintings of a bird in an Italian cave

Scientists have found rare rock paintings of a bird in an Italian cave

Scientists from the University of Rome, among the images of the Stone Age in the Italian cave of Romanelli, found a voluminous head of a bird from the family of guillemots, which people of that time depicted very rarely, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, citing an article in Antiquity magazine.

The Romanelli Cave is located on the coast in Puglia. It is one of the ancient karst formations that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave has been studied in detail since 2016, but the first examples of art from the Paleolithic era were found and documented there more than a hundred years ago, in 1905. The study of the cave is complicated by the inaccessibility of the entrance to it – among the rocks above the sea.

Previously, images of bulls and geometric figures were found in the Romanelli cave. Researchers have now discovered several new images of birds made by artists' fingers in the soft white material that has accumulated on the limestone walls of the cave.

Radiocarbon dating has shown that Romanelli's cave has been used by prehistoric people for thousands of years, and the drawings are 11-14 thousand years old. Scientists noted that the new images, along with those already studied, have much in common with the graphics that are found in rock art samples throughout Europe – from Italy to France, Spain, even in Azerbaijan, which indicates the unconditional commonality of the culture of Homo sapiens, who came 39 -50 thousand years ago to Europe from Africa.

Earlier it was reported that an international group of researchers found the oldest example of human rock art. The find was made on the Tibetan plateau. The patterns are prints of children's hands and feet. Their age is dated to approximately 169,000-226,000 BC.

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