Scientists have found the beginnings of intelligence in plants

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Scientists have found the beginnings of intelligence in plants

Scientists have found the beginnings of intelligence in plants

Scientists from the Center for Evolutionary Biology of the University of Western Australia have experimented with plants and found signs of intelligence, in particular – cognitive processes. The research results are published in the journal Behavioral Ecology .

The author of the work, Monica Galliano, said that earlier scientists did not believe in the ability of bats to ultrasonic echolocation, and now they show similar skepticism in the field of plant studies.

“We have known for a long time that plants produce sound signals. These are mainly sound waves in the lower and ultrasonic parts of the frequency spectrum. This could be a side effect of the growth process, or, more interestingly, communication signals, ”the researcher noted.

According to the scientist, plants can exchange data not only chemically, but also sound. So, they can signal neighbors and warn them about drought or pests. Other plants respond to these signals and make decisions to minimize damage.

In the same way, plants are guided by the sounds of the environment – the murmuring water or the buzzing of bees. In the first case, they stretch their roots to the water source, and in the second, they increase the concentration of sugar in the nectar to attract insects.

Earlier, scientists from the Australian National University discovered the most ancient spores of terrestrial plants and established their origin. They have survived in rock samples in Western Australia. The age of the find was estimated at 480 million years.

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