Scientists have learned how the blind understand colors

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Scientists have learned how the blind understand colors

Scientists conducted experiments with the blind and saw that such people can provide logical explanations for what color the surrounding objects should be.

Naked Science talks about the work of neuroscientists and psychologists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and Yale University.

The researchers asked blind and sighted adults about the color of various objects, and also asked them to guess why they have such a color. In addition, the subjects answered the question about the likelihood that two similar objects will be of the same color.

The blind participants in the experiment did not always agree in determining the color of objects, for example, they did not understand that the cucumber was green. But their other reasoning was the same as that of the sighted. For example, many blind participants said that polar bears must have dark fur in order to absorb heat. That is, their explanation was logical.

The scientists also asked the subjects to predict the color of imaginary objects. Both the sighted and the blind offered identical solutions.

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