Scientists have named a non-obvious cause of breast cancer

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Scientists have named a non-obvious cause of breast cancer

Scientists have named a non-obvious cause of breast cancer

High blood cholesterol levels can cause cancer. Including this factor can lead to breast cancer, reports “Nevskie Novosti” with reference to a study published in Nature Communications.

American scientists from the Duke Institute of Oncology conducted an experiment on mice. In the course of it, it turned out that tumor metastatic cells in response to stress absorb cholesterol, after which some of them die. The surviving cells develop resistance to the further process of death – ferroptosis. They metastasize quickly. This mechanism can use not only estrogen, on which breast cancer depends, but also other malignant tumors, such as melanoma.

Scientists noted that the results of the study proved the danger of high cholesterol levels for the human body, so it is important to stick to a diet and take special medications.

Earlier, oncologist-mammologist, plastic surgeon Alexander Bratik said that an incorrectly selected bra can provoke serious diseases. Bruises, age spots and even cancer may appear.

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