Scientists have named the condition for the emergence of dangerous mutations of the coronavirus

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Scientists have named the condition for the emergence of dangerous mutations of the coronavirus

Without mass vaccination against coronavirus, with a probability of 60 percent, two or more dangerous strains of infection will appear in the world every year. Such a condition was named by German scientists, Izvestia writes.

According to the calculations of specialists, when vaccinated against COVID-19, 80 percent of the population of the countries of the world will stop the pandemic, since about 20 percent should have been ill and also become immune to the virus.

At the same time, Russian scientists agreed with the opinion of their colleagues. As the associate professor of the physics department of Moscow State University said. M.V. Lomonosov Mikhail Tamm, all new mutations of the coronavirus will come from the now raging “delta” variant.

The publication believes that such a theory may be correct if you look at the data for Israel. In this country, vaccination was carried out quickly and was massive. As a result, the number of those infected decreased as the number of those vaccinated increased.

Earlier, the World Health Organization's (WHO) COVID-19 Emergency Committee warned the international community about new, more dangerous strains of coronavirus infection. WHO experts emphasize that the pandemic is still far from over, contrary to what can be said in developed countries that are successfully vaccinating.

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