Scientists have named the reasons for the severe course of COVID-19

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Scientists have named the reasons for the severe course of COVID-19

Scientists at the Turkish Medical University in Ankara have named the reasons for the severe course of COVID-19 in patients. The research results are published on the medRxiv portal.

Experts came to the conclusion that due to the coronavirus, the content of vitamin A in the body is sharply reduced. They pointed out that in acute forms of COVID-19, they resemble the consequences of chronic deficiency of this vitamin.

For the study, they took blood samples from a group of healthy people and from a group of patients at a university hospital who were in critical condition with coronavirus infection in the intensive care unit.

As a result of the analysis, scientists have found that the group of patients has a very low concentration of retinol, even those who took vitamin A or medications that interfere with its excretion of the body.

The scientists explained the decrease in the level of vitamin A by the fact that it is actively used by the body for the synthesis of interferon – special antiviral protein molecules. Proteins bind to SARS-CoV-2, preventing it from multiplying.

Earlier, a team of scientists from the Netherlands and Belgium named a vitamin, a deficiency of which could lead to sudden death of patients with COVID-19. Experts warned that a lack of vitamin K can lead to severe coronavirus and sudden death. Due to its lack, the vessel walls become vulnerable to damage, and the risk of thrombosis also increases.

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