Scientists have suggested that the Red Sea is an ocean

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Scientists have suggested that the Red Sea is an ocean

Scientists have suggested that the Red Sea is an ocean

An international group of geologists found that the structure of the bottom of the Red Sea in some characteristics corresponds to the structure of the bottom of a rather young, but developed ocean, writes Nature Communications.

To reveal the structural features of the Red Sea bottom, scientists turned to gravimetric surveys and seismic data. In addition, they studied magmatic samples.

As a result of the study, geologists have established that the crust of the Red Sea began to melt 13 million years ago. This indicator exceeded the previously accepted data by two times. Therefore, experts concluded that the continental stage of the development of the Red Sea is over.

The Red Sea is characterized as an ocean and other features – for example, the structure of the crust itself, characteristic of mid-ocean ridges.

Earlier in the Red Sea, archaeologists discovered a ship that sank in the 18th century. Specialists managed to find details of the bow and midsection of the vessel, as well as hundreds of artifacts. At the same time, for the first time fragments of this vessel were discovered back in 1994.

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