Scientists prove that COVID-19 impairs intelligence in the same way as a stroke

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Scientists prove that COVID-19 impairs intelligence in the same way as a stroke

Scientists from the UK have published a scientific article describing the results of a study on the negative impact of COVID-19 on cognitive abilities. As it turned out, they can worsen even after a mild form of the disease, and after recovery they do not recover.

The fact that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can affect the brain has been suspected for a long time. This was evidenced by the loss of smell and taste. Now scientists have confirmed this by studying the data of 81,337 people.

They took intelligence tests as well as COVID-19 polls. Scientists compared the results of people of the same age, race, gender, income, education, etc. This helped to assess the impact of the disease on cognitive ability.

As it turns out, COVID-19 does impair intelligence. The more severe people get sick, the stronger the effect. For those who were on mechanical ventilation, the result decreased equivalent to 7 points of IQ. However, even a stroke affects cognitive abilities less. It does the same damage to intelligence as COVID-19 in medium form.

The ability to abstract logical reasoning, planning and concentration suffers most of all.

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