Scientists: Tomatoes May Raise Danger When Attacked by Caterpillars

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Scientists: Tomatoes May Raise Danger When Attacked by Caterpillars

The fruits of some tomato species transmit electrical signals to the rest of the plant when attacked by caterpillars.

Scientists came to such conclusions when they placed the body in a Faraday cage, connecting electrodes to the ends of the branches connecting the fetus with its green parts. They then measured the electrical impulses before, during and after the caterpillar attack.

The study showed a noticeable difference between the signals before and after the attack. In addition, it turned out that the defense mechanism in the form of the release of hydrogen peroxide works even in those parts of the plant that are far from the threat.

It was previously known that leaves can communicate danger to other parts of the plant. However, until now, such processes have not been observed in fruits. Scientists noted that it is too early to draw any definitive conclusions, they also plan to study other species and threats.

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