Scientists urged to vaccinate regardless of antibody titer

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Moscow. July 6. INTERFAX.RU – Scientists urge those who have been ill with COVID-19 to be vaccinated in a mild form, regardless of the antibody titer.

“The transferred virus provides some kind of protection, but not absolute. It would be useful to vaccinate over the mild course of the coronavirus,” Mikhail Gelfand, vice president for biomedical research at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), said at the New League of Universities webinar.

Skoltech professor Georgy Bazykin, in turn, explained the recommendation by the difference in the quality of immunity from the disease and after vaccination.

“In a disease, immunity detects a viral particle according to various signs, some of which the particle can change, so the immune response may not be effective enough. Vaccines are designed to demonstrate antigen exactly where it is difficult for a viral particle to change,” he said.

In addition, scientists said there was no need to test antibodies to COVID-19 before vaccination.

“From the point of view of population studies of antibodies, we do not have enough data to say: this ( value – IF ) is good for protection, and this is bad. Plus we have a lot of tests: I don’t know if they can be compared, how to compare them and whether tests for neutralizing antibodies are available to people (such tests are much more informative than conventional tests for antibodies), “said Anton Barchuk, director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Medical Research (IMMI) at the European University at St. Petersburg.

According to scientists, the immunogenicity of vaccines against coronavirus may decrease in relation to new strains, but their effectiveness remains quite high. “The effectiveness of a vaccine is not about the number of antibodies, but about how much it prevents diseases. For example, 90% efficiency means that out of 100 vaccinated people, only 10 would get sick,” Bazykin explained.

At the same time, it is possible that in the future the virus may mutate to a state that allows it to “escape” from the human immune response. Then the developers will have to update the composition of the vaccines every year, as is the case with flu shots.

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