Screw removed from leg: ex-ski star Hirscher


The ski retiree is on the mend after his rally accident. The plaster of paris is off, one screw removed.

Screw removed from leg: ex-ski star Hirscher

Ex-ÖSV star Marcel Hirscher has had turbulent weeks. At the end of July, the ski retiree fell badly at his premiere at the Red Bull Romaniacs motorcycle rally and ended up in hospital with a broken fibula. A few days later, private turbulence also became public. Hirscher and his wife Laura went their separate ways.

Since then, the main thing at Hirscher has been to get fit again. A few weeks later he got rid of the cast, but still has to use crutches. For this purpose, seven screws and a metal plate were used after his operation. One of these screws has now been removed, as he proudly wrote on social media.

“I feel 2 grams lighter now,” said the 32-year-old. In addition, an X-ray of the injured foot as well as a photo of the removed screw. Most recently, Hirscher was out on snow again, even if only in a ski hall in the Netherlands. “Felt the snow. Saw the sun. What a nice trip.”

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