Security forces with stun guns raided Moscow bars where they supported Ukraine – media


Security forces with stun guns raided Moscow bars where they supported Ukraine - media

In Russia, the police visited Moscow bars suspected of “financing” the Ukrainian Armed Forces. people were threatened with electric shocks, beats and forced to sing “patriotic” songs.

At the Underdog and La Virgen bars in Moscow, security forces forced patrons to sing along to “patriotic” songs and draw symbols of Russian aggression while threatening them with stun guns and sledgehammers. And people with tattoos were asked to undress for testing. Russian media write about it.

Details of the incident

It is known that the police searched the Underdog and took the staff out of the establishment. It is also reported that the security forces detained about 40-50 people, but most were released after checking their subscriptions in Telegram. The rest were dragged to the department and lawyers were not allowed to see them.

There is also a video in which riot police forces visitors to the Underdog bar to sing the song “Lyube”. In the center of the room, 5 young people are visible, around them are two security officials with their faces covered and they are forced to “pull out” a better song about birch trees. Security forces forced one of the visitors to write the letter “Z” and the words “For Russia” on the doors of the institution.

Why did the “riot police” come to the institutions?

  • In July 2022, La Virgen published a post about a vinyl record market, the proceeds of which are going to be sent to the Kyiv Angels charity, which helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, doctors and civilians affected by the war. However, after the establishments began to receive threats, La Virgen wrote that the establishment’s Instagram account was allegedly broken and that the team did not plan to help the Ukrainian army.
  • As for Underdog, it's even more comical. In the summer of 2022, they announced a rally in support of the Russian Red Cross and “millions of refugees” in Russia. However, this obviously did not suit the Russian authorities. It's rather strange, because the Russian “Red Cross” helps the Russian army. The pub also played along with Russian propaganda by singing about “millions of Ukrainian refugees” in Russia. It is interesting that they did not turn a blind eye to this.

While the establishments do not work and when exactly they will open is unknown.

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