Serbia is joining the EU, but will also maintain good relations with Russia – President Vučić


Serbia is going to the EU, but will maintain good relations with Russia, – President Vucic

Vučić and Putin/Photo by Russian media

Serbia does not change its plans to join the EU, but at the same time wants to maintain “friendly relations” with the terrorist country – Russia.

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Such a statement appeared in the press service of Alexander Vucic after his conversation with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. They noted that Putin called Vučić to congratulate him on his election victory.

Vučić thanked for the greeting and noted that the Republic of Serbia would continue to pursue a European path policy, maintaining sincere and traditional friendly relations with the Russian Federation, the press service said.

What the presidents talked about

The heads of state reviewed the economic situation and bilateral energy and trade relations, which have increased in 2021 and the first two months of 2022.

The teacher complained to Putin about difficulties in importing crude oil, and “expressed confidence that the leadership of Gazpromneft and the Republic of Serbia, as well as partners from the EU, will find a way out of this situation.” to start negotiations on the price, quantity and other conditions of the purchase, Vučić's press service noted.

It is also indicated that they discussed the war in Ukraine, and Vučić expressed that it will end as soon as possible.

Note that the pro-Russian Vučić managed to win in the first round. His party also won more votes. According to experts, the main result of these elections is the absolute victory of the national right-wing forces opposed to European integration processes and the expansion of cooperation with Russia.

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