Serbian Interior Ministry announced illegal wiretapping of Vucic

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Serbian Interior Ministry announced illegal wiretapping of Vucic

Alexander Vucic

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Aleksandr Vulin, said that President Aleksandr Vucic and his family members had been tapped illegally more than 1,500 times. This is reported by the “Politics” edition.

According to Vulin, the Ministry of Internal Affairs received irrefutable evidence of 1572 cases of illegal wiretapping. In addition to the president himself, his brother Andrei, father Angelko and son Danilo were auditioned.

At the moment, the Interior Ministry has already completed the investigation. Some ministry employees, interviewed with a polygraph, were not tested on issues related to wiretapping.

In February it became known that an assassination attempt was being prepared on the Serbian president. The murder was supposed to take place on January 27, when Vucic unveiled a monument to the founder of the Serbian medieval state, Stefan Neman, in Belgrade. More than 850 special forces soldiers were sent to defend the president that day.

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