“Servant of the people” bought a house in the center of Kyiv several times cheaper than the market price – media


"Servant of the People" purchased a house in the center of Kyiv many times cheaper than the market price, – media

Deputy head of the Servant of the People faction, 39-year-old Pavel Khalimon, purchased expensive housing in Pechersk in center of Kyiv. It happened in the summer of 2022, but not directly, but through an intermediary.

Moreover, the deal was at a reduced price. This is stated in the investigation of Ukrainian journalists.

Where the estate is located

Khalimon acquired the estate on the Pechersk Hills, near the Grishko Botanical Garden, literally in 5 minutes from the very center of the capital.

Halimon's estate/Photo by Ukrayinska Pravda

Interestingly, officially the “servant of the people” does not own the estate. Back in June 2022, the house was donated to Anastasia Kotelenets. To find out who lives there, the journalists went to the address of the estate and on the very first day they saw Pavel Khalimon, deputy head of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction, there. On another occasion, journalists also saw a young woman there, who looked like Anastasia Kotelenets, with a small child.

At the same time, the “servant of the people” does not look like a guest, and the men he met look like builders, the article says.


It turned out that the purchase price turned out to be quite insignificant: for example, according to the contract, Anastasia paid UAH 29,800 for one plot of 2 hectares, and UAH 30,000 for another similar area.

Andrei Zoriy acted on behalf of several land sellers. This is a co-founder of the Agro-House company, whose director was Pavel Khalimon. Anastasia Kotelenets was represented in the transactions by Natalya Ropchan, who worked as an assistant to People's Deputy Pavel Khalimon and received a salary from the budget.

All these facts, together with the purchase of the estate, look as if a servant of the people is trying to hide from the people. In addition, this may be a scheme according to which the organizers find persons to receive free plots, and they already sell the land to a third party at a symbolic price, the journalists write.

With the help of law enforcement sources, the journalists received a contract for the sale of this estate. According to him, the house, together with a land plot of 10 acres cost 10 million 300 thousand hryvnia, of which:

  • the cost of the house amounted to 6.5 million hryvnia,
  • and plots – 3.8 million hryvnia.

Purchase and sale agreement for a residential building/Photo by Ukrayinska Pravda

Why the price was below the market

The seller of the estate turned out to be the bishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Oleksandr Drabinko. In the document, he showed that he considers the sale price indicated in the contract to be profitable for himself.

Yes, the house is indeed sold. The sale was handled by my brother through a realtor. To whom they sold, I was not interested, I have not used it since 2013, and I really had to sell it at a significantly lower price, since no one gave what they asked for for it for many reasons. There are buildings around there, and no one gave what you could ask for 10 years ago,” Drabinko pointed out.

Pay attention! At the same time, houses near the Botanical Garden of a similar area are about 50 – 60 million hryvnias.

Who is Pavel Khalimon

  • Khalimon holds the position of deputy head of the Servant of the People faction and deputy head of the parliamentary committee on agrarian and land policy, he is also the chairman of the Chernihiv regional organization of the Servant of the People party.
  • The name of Pavel Khalimon was first mentioned in anti-corruption investigations in 2020. Then colleagues from the Schemes program published recordings in which the deputy agrees with an agrarian businessman on cooperation on favorable terms This time the businessman accused the deputy of demanding favorable conditions for doing business.

Halimon also got into other scandals. 019 played the Jewels game on a smartphone right during the next meeting of the Verkhovna Rada.

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