Settlement of the command of the invaders: in the Kherson region, the Russians massively drive people out of their homes


The invaders are settling in: in the Kherson region, the Russians are massively driving people out of their homes

The invaders began to settle in the housing of the residents of Kherson and the occupied part of the region/”Ukrinform”

After several months of de facto occupation of part of the Kherson region, the Russian invaders began to settle in the apartments and houses of wealthy Ukrainians. This applies to both the property that the owners left, and housing from which people did not leave.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, in the initial weeks of the occupation, the top commanders of the invading army lived in Crimea. Subsequently, the generals began to stay more often directly in the Kherson region. However, mainly on the territory where their headquarters were located.

Of course, some facts of “squeezing” Ukrainians' housing and settling in apartments and houses were recorded, but they were more isolated. Local collaborators were mainly involved in the “nationalization” of abandoned housing.

The officers believed in themselves and wanted to live in comfort

  • The situation is quite dramatic changed somewhere in the 20th of June, when the Russian generals allowed their subordinates to seize other people's housing.
  • The generals themselves, colonels, lieutenant colonels and majors began to ride around the region in search of expensive housing. Naturally, the invaders chose more expensive houses and very elite apartments.
  • At the same time, the invaders did not care if someone lived in the housing they liked. The Russians, under the threat of execution, ordered the owners to leave the premises within 5 minutes, evicting entire families right on the street.
  • The same applies to new buildings in Kherson itself, where officers of the local occupying garrison call in. In conversations among themselves, these Russians dream that they will be able to legalize their own ownership of these premises and move their families to the city.
  • Representatives of the officer level believe that the standard of living even in the worst village in the Kherson region is exorbitantly better than in any region of Russia.
  • In addition, the “owners” of new housing admire how cool Ukrainians lived before the arrival of Russia.

Peasants are forced to sell grain at three times lower prices

In parallel with looting and “squeezing” housing from Ukrainians, the occupation administration in the Kherson region continues to engage in the actual theft of agricultural products. In order for farmers to continue their work and be able to provide Russia with a harvest, the occupiers do not take away everything, but offer to sell them grain for 80-85 dollars per ton (about 2,500 hryvnias at the NBU exchange rate). At the same time, the cost of wheat in the free territory of Ukraine and in Crimea is $250 (about UAH 7,350 at the NBU rate), while the world market price per ton of wheat with freight and insurance reaches almost $400 (almost UAH 11,800 at the NBU rate).

Teachers are brought in from Russia

Besides, the Russian invaders are in full swing trying to organize the educational process for the upcoming academic year. The occupiers began to persuade teachers and lecturers to cooperate, as well as to hold a parent-teacher meeting. Such communication always takes place at gunpoint, but local teachers for the most part do not agree to cooperate.

The invaders have already made rough estimates of teachers who have not left anywhere, who are ready to continue working in educational institutions, and realized that there is critical shortage of school teachers. To replace the staff, the invaders decided to bring students from Novosibirsk to the Kherson region. They are offered a payment of 7 thousand rubles a day, travel and accommodation.

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