Several possible air leaks found on the ISS

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Several possible air leaks found on the ISS

Several possible air leaks have been identified in the Russian Zvezda module on the International Space Station. The crew managed to seal three of them with linings and sealant.

“Experts from Russia and NASA have used several methods to try to find the exact locations of other leaks beyond those already identified. The ongoing search has identified several possible locations and patched or sealed three of those locations. leaks, “NASA advisory board spokesman David West said at the board meeting.

According to him, the leakage of air from the intermediate chamber “Zvezda” currently does not threaten the safety and lives of the crew members.

We will remind, earlier an air leak on the ISS was recorded in September 2019. In the fall of 2020, the crew of the station discovered the first crack in the intermediate chamber of the Zvezda module and repaired it in the early spring of 2021. One of them was identified with a tea bag.

Earlier, reported that in the near future Russia will begin practicing a super-fast flight to the ISS. Under the new scheme, ships can reach the International Space Station in 90-120 minutes after launch.

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