Shameful sight – Kovalenko suggested whether Russia will succeed in begging drones from Iran


Shameful sight, – Kovalenko suggested if Russia could beg for drones from Iran

Kovalenko on Putin's visit to Iran/Channel 24 Collage

Vladimir Putin went to Iran. Probably. he will ask them for drones for his army. However, experts say that this looks ridiculous and shameful, because the head of the Kremlin used to say that they had enough drones.

Will Iran be able to beg the way for drones

The military-political observer of the Information Resistance group told Channel 24 about this Alexander Kovalenko. He says that this is a shameful sight, but it deserves the way.

According to him, it is interesting to see how Putin now, back in October, said that they had 2,000 drones, now on his way to Iran to beg for a few hundred drones .

The expert explained that Iran has a really large range of UAVs, they are not highly technical, but this country, under sanctions, was able to make drones from what it has.

Yes, they sometimes use chips made in China. These drones are of the second and third quality, but Iran has a lot of them.

But, as Kovalenko stressed, the most interesting thing is that Tehran assured Ukraine that they would not provide drones to Russia.


In addition, Now there is a “window of opportunity” for Iran, when the international community can ease sanctions on oil and gas exports from Iran in order to force Russia out of Europe.

And here the question is – what is more important for Iran today – that it will sell 100 or 200 drones to Russia, or that sanctions restrictions will be reduced for it, it will increase exports and will have more money from this , the expert asks

Kovalenko believes that Iran is more rational and logical than Russia, so it will bet on the ability to sell more oil and gas than it will help Russia.

Why then did Putin go to Iran

As the expert said, the visit was announced, so it could not be cancelled.

In addition, Turkish President Erdogan is present in Iran today. After all, Turkey is now starting a military operation in Syria, which is why Russia is very unhappy,” Kovalenko explained.

leadership of Iran.

Kovalenko on Putin's visit to Iran and the situation at the front: video

By the way, 19 In July, a trilateral summit was scheduled in Tehran with the participation of the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran. Expert Igor Semivolos predicted what topics Erdogan and Putin could discuss.

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