She covered the child with herself: mother and daughter in intensive care after an airlift in Brovary


Covered the child with herself: mother and daughter in intensive care after an air troop in Brovary

A mother and daughter were injured during a helicopter crash in Brovary. She was just taking the child to kindergarten when the disaster occurred.

The woman covered the child with her body so that she would receive less damage. They are both currently in intensive care. This was reported by a relative of the victim, writes Channel 24.

My godfather Nadezhda Oksyuta and her daughter Alice took the child to the same kindergarten this morning. Thank God they are alive, but the condition is extremely serious. Both are in intensive care in Kyiv. at the burn center. Nadya covered Alice with herself, like a real mother, – the woman said.

Nadezhda suffered with her daughter Alice/Instagram photo of Nadezhda Oksyuta

In what condition victims unknown/Instagram photo of Nadezhda Oksyuta

Attention! A relative of the victims also attached details of Nadezhda's husband's card for those who want to help the family.Oksyuta Vyacheslav Vladimirovich – 5168180102244347.

The main thing about the helicopter crash in Brovary

  • At about 16:00, January 18, the rescuers finished everything work at the scene of the tragedy. As a result of the plane crash, 14 people died, including 1 child. In addition, 25 people were injured, including 11 children.

Photo from the scene of the tragedy in Brovary/Photo 24 Kanal, Valentina Polishchuk

  • All on board the helicopter died – 6 people of the task force of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as 3 members of the crew of the State Emergency Service.
  • Note that the plane crashed near the kindergarten, the building was damaged by fire. At the time of the plane crash, there were 73 children in the garden.
  • Currently, the investigation is ongoing under the control of the SBU. The investigation will establish what could have caused the helicopter to crash The SBU is working on several versions: violation of flight rules and a malfunction of the helicopter itself, also do not exclude deliberate actions to destroy the helicopter.

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