She gave vodka to drink and beat: in Kyiv, the police saved the dog from the cruel owner


She gave vodka to drink and beat: in Kyiv, the police saved the dog from the cruel owner

Law enforcement officers arrived on a call due to a conflict between neighbors in Kyiv. After sorting it out, they heard a screech in the applicant's cluttered room.

Law enforcement officers saw among the scattered things the owner of a small dachshund puppy. Police say it was trembling and looked nervous and scared.

The owner abused the animal: beat and ate vodka

When the police asked the woman about the condition of the dog, she refused to answer. Neighbors said that the woman constantly quarrels, mocks the puppy, ties him to the radiator and beats him.

Not once did the violator walk the dog on the street and starve him. Neighbors, who fed the animal as best they could. To make the four-legged less irritate the woman and not whine – she soldered him with vodka, – said the senior police lieutenant.

Denis Matvienko remembered that they did not find any food or other food for the puppy in the apartment. There were no dishes or other things for the animal.

The owner was fined, the animal was taken away

Realizing that the animal was not cared for, the police took it away and handed it over to the veterinary service for examination and assessment of its health.

An administrative offense report was drawn up against the attacker for cruelty to animals. The court fined him 3,400 hryvnia.

Law enforcement officers cured the puppy, the lieutenant took him to himself

However, already in the clinic, the puppy became ill. The veterinarians said that the animal had a severe infectious disease. A vaccine is needed to save him. Doctors helped find the medicine, two law enforcement officers bought them and saved the animal for the second time.

The court decided that the owner's animal would no longer be returned. After that, Lieutenant Denis Matvienko decided to take the dachshund for himself.

I called the dog “Bob” or affectionately – “Babanich” and for me he is a real friend, whom I dreamed of, but for a long time did not hesitate to take because of constant employment at work. Now my girlfriend is helping him,” said Denis Matvienko.

The lieutenant noticed that the animal had recovered from the disease and was already playing.

The police saved the puppy from the owner, who beat him and ate vodka / Police photo

Our military near Bakhmut rescued a she-wolf

After one of the attacks in Bakhmut, a she-wolf nailed to the Ukrainian infantrymen. The fighters noticed that the animal was not adapted to life in the wild, and began to take care of it.

She was named “Manyunya” and handed over to volunteers who took her to the eco-park of the Poltava region. While the animal is being treated there.

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