She refused to work for the enemy and ended up in a torture chamber: the story of a brave director from Kharkiv region


Refused to work for the enemy and ended up in a torture chamber: the story of a brave director from Kharkiv region

Russian invaders took a 62-year-old school director from the village of Ivanovka, Kharkiv region, to a torture chamber in Volchansk. Lydia Tilnaya sat there for 19 days.

The woman worked as a director at the school until July 20, and then she was “fired” by the Russian invaders when they occupied the village. Lidiya Tilnaya told channel 24 about this.

How the invaders “fired” the school director

According to the woman, the Russians forced her to write a letter of resignation of her own free will. She did not agree to work under the Russian flag.

I filed a complaint and they fired me. And on July 20, when the employees of the education department arrived, I, as a hostess, went out to meet them. But this meeting was useless. They didn't even look me in the eye. They were met by the head or headman, as it is now called. It was my student, a graduate who agreed to work for Russia. And my graduate agreed to be the director of the school,” Tilnaya said.

She noted that only three teachers remained to work for Russian infidels. However, the Ukrainian flag hung at the school to the last. And, having removed the flag, the director brought it home and hid it.

How the school principal ended up in the dungeons of Russians

Tilnaya nevertheless decided to run away from the village. When she passed three posts, the invaders detained her at the fourth. The occupant with a walkie-talkie and in a mask kept a corresponding list, which included the woman's last name.

“A car drove up and they took me away. They took me far away from people. When I got out of the car, they said: “On your knees” . Well, I have courage in my soul. I tell them: “Good people, be afraid of God. What are you doing? Still, I am a woman, 60 years old. But they started to put a barrel under my throat,” Tilnaya said.

After that, the invaders began to ask the woman what information she was bringing to Kharkov. And then one of the invaders put a gun to the director's head, then they put a bag over her and took her further.

They threw me, I don't know where. The punishment cell, or as it is called, was there for 5 days. The cement floor is like that, I sat there not eating, not beer. Then at night they opened me again, took me out. Well, I think that's all for me. Probably they will kill, – said Tilnaya.

But the invaders brought the woman to other Ukrainians, who were also placed in a dungeon. The director spent 19 days there, and on August 12 she was released.

“They said: “Well, today you are going home. Your husband is waiting for you, he is very worried.” Well, they let me go. First I went out, looked at the sky and around, and asked where I was at least. Volchansk”, – the woman added.

Tilna stressed that she is now waiting for the time when she can return to work and hang the Ukrainian flag at school again.

Lydia Tilna dreams of hanging the Ukrainian flag in her school again/photo channel 24 h2>

Recall that Maksim, a resident of the liberated city of Izyum, was in captivity. There a man was beaten and tortured with electric shock. He also told Channel 24 how he survived the dungeon.

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