She regained consciousness, but she still cannot speak: two teenagers abused the worker of the bathhouse

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 Has come to, but cannot speak yet: two teenagers abused the worker of the bath

One of the recreation complexes in the center of Krivoy Rog is very popular among the locals. But the other day, the events in the local bathhouse put the whole city on the ears.

– She had a craniotomy. She regained consciousness, but she still cannot talk, ”said Larisa Gurzhiy, a colleague of the beaten woman.

On that terrible evening, two 15-year-old Roma were resting in the bathhouse. First they started a fire, which they put out safely.

But they could not pay for the used fire extinguisher, so they offered the house cleaner to go with them to the ATM in order to withdraw funds. And then everything turned into wild horror.

A casual passer-by saw 48-year-old Natalia, blue from the beatings. Over time, it will become known that the woman was mercilessly abused by two teenagers & # 8212; beat, robbed, and finally raped.

– The woman came to us in a serious condition. She was operated on and hospitalized in the neurosurgical department. Now she is in intensive care in a serious condition, but with insignificant positive dynamics, ”said Elena Sirotyuk, head of the admission department of the Krivoy Rog city hospital №2.

Several dozen serious bruises were counted on the body of the poor woman. . All the crews of the Patrol Police and operatives from the local branch rushed to find the young suspects.

 She came to, but she still cannot speak: two teenagers abused the employee of the bathhouse

On a local street, two underage Roma fled the scene of the crime and did not expect to see a crew of patrolmen who searched for the intruders by orientation. At the intersection of Nemetskaya and Chkalov streets, 15-year-olds were detained.

– On orientation we noticed two suspicious persons on this street. We drove up, talked and found that they were. The citizens were detained. During the conversation, we found out that they were intoxicated, but they understood everything well, ”said police spokesman Igor Garay.

At first, the teenagers flatly denied their involvement in the worst crime. But the video from the security cameras clearly shows exactly how they leave the room with their victim, so they partially confessed.

& # 8212; Beat – beat. They said that they took a cell phone, beat the woman and that's it. And to rape was not raped. They took an examination, but nothing is known yet, – said the grandmother of the detainees, Svetlana.

Almost nothing is known about these teenagers, because guys don't even go to school . Did they really rape the poor woman? The police are investigating a terrible crime under three articles at once, and the investigators appointed the necessary examinations.

– On this fact, police officers opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 121 (Intentional grievous bodily harm), part 3 of Art. 152 (Rape) and Part 4 of Art. 187 (Robbery) UKU, & # 8212; said the press secretary of the Krivoy Rog district police department Oksana Lesonen.

The relatives of the detained guys believe that their children were forced to take the blame. Currently, two teenagers are in jail. There they will await trial and verdict.

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