She said “For what”: a difficult video where a woman found out about the death of a relative after an attack in the Dnieper


She said "For what": a hard video where a woman found out about the death of a relative after an attack in Dnepr

The inhabitants of Dnipro are still trying to recover from another missile attack by Russian invaders. Yes, a video has been circulated on the net, where a resident of Dnipro mourns her deceased relative.

In this video, a woman screaming asks why her loved one died after a missile attack on the Dnieper. Netizens in the comments expressed words of support for the depressed, tight resident of the Dnieper.

A woman reacted heavily to the death of a relative as a result of a missile strike

In the video, a woman cannot hold back her tears after she learned the death of her loved one from the military. She was seized with hysteria, and she began to rhetorically ask the serviceman: why did her friend the man died.

A resident of the Dnieper asks her loved one for the deceased: watch the video Subsequently, a man in uniform tried to calm down a resident of the Dnieper and take her away from the place of arrival. However, the woman could not pull herself together and wanted to see the body of the deceased relative.

On social networks, users ask the Dnipro resident to hold on and write that this video “broke their heart.”

What is known about the deceased man

Preliminarily, it was a man who was not a patient of the hospital, but simply passed by this building. A resident of Dnipro was found 500 meters from a medical facility, his life was claimed by a fragment of a Russian missile.

A man was killed by a fragment of a rocket 500 meters from a medical institution/Photo 24 Channel

The Dnepropetrovsk Regional Police Department noted that the man was 69 years old. Local authorities reported his death almost immediately after the strike.

Rocket attack on the Dnieper River on May 26: short story

  • About 10:30 powerful explosions thundered in the Dnieper River. After that, an air alert was announced in the city. Subsequently, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional police department, Serhiy Lysak, said that the invaders had entered a medical facility.
  • The fire spread to more than 1,000 square meters and engulfed a three-story and one-story building. Firefighters immediately set about extinguishing it.
  • In the city, as of 17:25, 31 victims were found as a result of a strike on a medical facility. The prosecutor's office of the Dnipropetrovsk region emphasized that rescue work is ongoing.
  • Chairman of the State Emergency Service Serhiy Kruk, on the air of the national marathon, said that the rescuers managed to put out the fire in the medical facility where the Russian occupiers got.
  • Filatov declared May 27, 2023, a day of mourning in Dnipro for those who died as a result of a Russian missile attack on one of the city's hospitals.

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