Shell attempts by Russians subside: Svitan said when the enemy will have a shell hunger


Russian shell efforts subside: Svitan said when the enemy will be shell hungry

Russians are increasingly complaining about shell hunger. On April 1, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held a meeting on providing the occupiers with ammunition and promised to increase them. after all, she had already used all the paths. ThisChannel 24 was told by a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, instructor pilot Roman Svitan.

Dawn noticed that in order to increase the number of shells at the front, Russia first needs to build a plant for the production of equipment that will produce them, that is, a plant for the production of the plant.

Russia has practically no one to beg from

Last year, the Russians launched all the factories that can produce shells in three shifts. The military expert said that the aggressor was predicted a shortage of shells six months ago, because everything they could do had already been done.

The most they can do is beg for ammunition from outcasts like them. We are talking about North Korea, they removed almost everything from Belarus, my father was left without underpants, perhaps in underpants. Only everyone and cowards remained in Belarus, but the shells are no longer there, – the speaker added ironically.

China is afraid of such actions, Iran is now unlikely to transfer ammunition, because it has ahead war with Israel for nuclear dominance in their region.

According to Svetlana, only North Korea remains, it will transfer ammunition. However, this country has its own problems associated with the United States of America, Japan, so it will not be able to help powerfully either.

Svitan said when a real shell famine will begin in Russia: watch the video

When the crisis starts

The military believes that Russians will still be able to work using 15-20 thousand ammunition. And then they will work “from the wheels”, it is said about no more than 5-7 thousand shells per month.

Therefore, closer to the summer they will start to have a real shortage of shells and they will not be able to get shells anywhere else. They have several months left to make decisions on reducing the front line, because they simply cannot stand it with 5-7 thousand shells, the colonel summed up.

The Russians have big problems with weapons

  • British intelligence reported that due to problems with ammunition, the Russians have a limit on their use. Probably, the reasons for this rationing lie in the failures of Russia in the war in Ukraine.
  • The combat potential of Russian artillery is declining. They start using 40-50-year-old ammunition there. These weapons have much lesser capabilities, and their preparation takes a long time.
  • Analysts conclude that Russia's military-industrial complex is degrading. Sanctions and a shortage of specialists have seriously hit the offensive capabilities of the aggressor.

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