Shelling in the South is evidence of the desperate agony of the enemy: what happened in the region on June 23


Shelling in the South – evidence of the desperate agony of the enemy: what happened in the region on June 23

What happened in the South on June 23/Channel 24 Collage

Russian troops continue to launch cynical missile attacks on civilian targets in southern Ukraine. This indicates that the enemy is in desperate agony.

This opinion was expressed in the operational command “South”. They also told what was the situation in their direction during the day on June 23.

Russian missiles hit the hospital and sports school

The enemy's war in this operational zone continues to conduct only defensive operations and counter-battery combat. At the same time, the forces that are there, the Russian command is not taking active steps. They also do not create any strike groups, so the threat of a renewed offensive by land is minimal.

As for missiles, they continue to hit buildings of various types. The Russians are purposefully attacking civilian targets in the South. The latest examples of this are the attacks on the hospital, the children's sports school and the stadium.

This is evidence of the enemy's desperate agony. And the precise destruction of missiles by our air defense forces is an eloquent confirmation of whose side the truth is on, the operational command stressed.

Our defenders are convinced that this is just one of the means of pressure on the civilian population. So far, there remains a high threat of rental strikes both from the sea and from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. There are still 4 missile and 3 large landing ships of the Russian Navy in the sea. Stormy weather interferes greatly with them, but it can also lead to the activation of the drift of sea mines.

The enemy is reinforcing artillery in the Mykolaiv region

Also on June 23, our military intelligence recorded the deployment of new artillery units in the Mykolaiv region. The Russians began to do this in order to increase fire support for the actions of their forces. However, the command “South” assured that the plans of the enemy are quite obvious. Therefore, the Russian troops receive an adequate response.

More about the actions of the enemy in the “South”: watch the video

More about the shelling of the South on June 23

< p> Residents of Nikolaev and Odessa region in the first half of the day began to report explosions that were heard in the region. Subsequently, it became known that the infidels fired 3 cruise missiles in the Nikolaev region, as well as 2 in the Odessa region.

This was confirmed by both the mayor of Nikolaev and the speaker of the Odessa OVA Sergey Bratchuk. He noted that the air defense units did an excellent job in their area. Defenders of the sky of Odessa region were able to bring down the ammunition even before hitting the target.

In Nikolaev, this, unfortunately, failed. Russian missiles hit the industrial and social infrastructure there. As a result, one civilian was injured.

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