Shock Drone Testing Begins

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Shock Drone Testing Begins

In Russia, the creation of the first prototype of the new Sirius unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) should be completed in 2022.

It is noted that in the same year it is planned to start its flight tests.

– Work on the creation of the Sirius drone is scheduled to be completed in 2022. In the same year, the drone will perform its first flight and the program of its flight tests will begin, a source told RIA Novosti.

Let us remind you that the Sirius drone is being created by the Kronstadt company. A full-size mock-up of the device with the alleged weapons was shown last summer at the Army-2020 exhibition. It is assumed that the new Russian drone will be able to carry guided air-to-surface missiles weighing up to 100 kg.

The unmanned vehicle will receive a take-off weight of up to 2 tons, and its wingspan will be up to 23 meters. At the same time, the drone will be able to perform long flights, up to 20 hours.

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