Shot “Ukrainian DRG”: the boy Fedor from Bryansk mysteriously “healed” and hung out with the Shaman



In early March, Russia came up with a new nonsense about the “Ukrainian DRG”. The main character of the propagandist's fable was the boy Phaedrus.

On March 2, Russia threw another fake into the information space. The terrorist country had a vision of a “Ukrainian DRG”, which seemed to be operating on the territory of the Bryansk region. With this lie, Russia wants to hide the internal processes that are taking place in the terrorist country.

Russia came up with an epic story about the boy Fyodor

Russian propaganda has worked to zero since ten. The media threw the story of a 10-year-old heroic boy Fedor. He was driving with the girls to school when the “Ukrainian DRG” opened fire. At the same time, Fedor did not lose his head. Having received a serious wound, he “courageously pulled himself together” and led two frightened schoolgirls out of the bus.

It is interesting that on the territory of the Bryansk region that day there was distance learning. I wonder what school Fedor and his girlfriends went to.

Moreover, having survived the DRG attack, the children were not at a loss, went out onto the road and stopped the car that took them to Fyodor's friend. The woman has already given a “comment” to the propagandists. It was in front of her that Fedor took off his sweater and showed that he had been hit.

RosSMI immediately stated that Fedor was in serious condition. However, two weeks passed and the boy was mysteriously “healed”. He has already managed to visit the Sabbat of Russian propaganda. Fyodor was dressed up in a dark green camouflage suit and taken to a concert at SHAMAN, the so-called Russian singer who jumps at propaganda concerts.

The local governor even came up with the details.

Yaroslav (SHAMAN – Channel 24), carried away by the courage and courage of our young hero Fedor, invited him with his mother and younger sister, the girls he saved, and the daughter of one of those who died on that tragic day to his concert, he said.

Perhaps, after this epic concert, Fedor will discover some other supernatural abilities in himself.

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