Should Ukraine worry about the French presidential election?


Must should Ukraine worry about the French presidential election

Both Macron and Le Pen care only about their own interests/Getty Images

Exactly 5 years ago I already wrote an article about the French presidential elections, where Macron fought against Le Pen in the second round. I could not understand why everyone is so happy about that Macron. Neither fish nor meat – well, that's how it happened.

Leftist kingdom

But in general, while I went through all the French candidates, I made up my impression of French politics a little.

In France, almost every second politician is an outspoken leftist. They still have a communist party of Trotskyist direction (Lutte Ouvrière) – the candidate from it won 0.6% of the vote.

In general, somewhere in the world remember Trotsky? And here is a whole party…

Every second candidate, if not against NATO, is simply a communist. That is, Macron is still very lucky that all his main competitors are revealingly latently leftist.

Well, ok

They choose Macron – well, ok. Will run between the droplets, as it is now.

They choose Le Pen – well, that's ok. It will try to put into practice any of its promises, although the whole system will be against it.

What is it, what is it – there will not be much difference.

Russia is committing genocide of the Ukrainian nation – watch the video:

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