Shows how long it takes to charge a smartphone using a solar battery

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Shows how long it takes to charge a smartphone using a solar battery

Accessory maker Choetech has launched a portable flexible solar charger. Its power is 22 watts. The authors of the resource Notebookcheck tested the novelty.

The authors praised the design of the Choetech charger. It has four solar panels built into it. They can be deployed in any direction. That is, the technology itself is quite simple and convenient.

The disadvantage of the device was the very low charging speed. Even on a bright sunny afternoon in San Francisco, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphone charged only from 11% to 16% in 120 minutes (!). For comparison, from a standard USB 3.0 port of a laptop, the same smartphone charges in 120 minutes from 11% to 79%. It seems that you shouldn't rely on the “solar charger” when traveling.

Among other things, the Choetech device is quite large and heavy. The stated 22W of output power can be misleading because it is split between the two ports. In fact, up to 10 or 11 watts will be available for charging one device.

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