Shows their inadequacy once again, political scientist on justifying the Kremlin for threatening Johnson


Shows their inadequacy once again, – political scientist on justifying the Kremlin for threatening Johnson< /p>

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he spoke to Putin before February 24, 2022, and tried to warn Russian dictator about the invasion of Ukraine. Putin said that the pain from one missile would be short-lived, and now the Kremlin is saying that this was not the case.

Political scientist Valentin Gladkikh told Channel 24 about this. The Kremlin's reaction to Johnson's story about threats to Putin was obvious.

Russia showed nothing new

Gladkikh noted that this is a typical Russian position, they say, prove it's me. This man stands in shit, everything around him is smeared with shit, and he says, they say, prove that it's me. Everything is clear to everyone. Some new evidence is quantitative characteristics, and qualitative characteristics are already clear in principle.

Have Western leaders, and not only Western ones, tried to convey and convince Putin that any attempts to achieve political goals by military means in Ukraine, in fact, as elsewhere, are unacceptable? Yes, I’m sure that they tried to convey this simple opinion to him,” the political scientist noted.

He added that given the result, Putin did not hear this. He now has no reason to justify himself and say that he was not told anything. But he has no such desire to justify himself at all. He, along with Peskov and others, continue to repeat like parrots what they said before the invasion began.

Gladkikh about justifying the Kremlin for threatening Johnson: watch the video

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">This once again demonstrates their inadequacy

According to the political scientist, this really does not affect the situation in any way. This once again demonstrates their complete bankruptcy and the ideological poverty of Russian propaganda, its inconsistency, pricelessness and meaninglessness. This still shows once again the inadequacy of all these characters, and this basically helps us.

“The more they show their inadequacy, the more they will cause concern for all normal people who want to live in a civilized world, where people who are inadequate and pose a danger to global society are at least isolated. Let them continue to produce this nonsense ” , Gladkikh emphasized.

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