Siberia will not be divided: Sheitelman suggested the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Putin


Siberia will not be divided: Sheitelman suggested the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Putin

Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Moscow soon. The trip of the Chinese leader will have two components – political and economic.

The political component of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow will also be symbolic. This opinion was expressed by political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman to Channel 24 .

Political component of the visit

The Chinese leader will definitely speak about the need for peace. He will listen to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and then Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, it will not put pressure on someone or make decisions.

Therefore, Xi Jinping will gather information and say all the polite words. However, most likely, he will not even say a word about the first point in the Chinese “peace plan”. We are talking about the territorial integrity of states within the framework of the UN Charter.

Xi Jinping will not talk about this, he is not Erdogan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Channel 24), who directly tells Putin that Crimea is Ukraine, so it must be returned, the political strategist suggested.

That is, everything that the head of China says will be of a general nature. At the same time , Xi may threaten Putin over the use of nuclear weapons .

Sheitelman suggested the purpose of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: watch the video

The economic component of the Xi train to Moscow

Over the past few months, Russia has developed a surplus of everything they mine. The Russians have nowhere to put it. So, now our partners have introduced a price ceiling for Russian oil and oil products.

Even India joined it, and this hit the aggressor country hard. The fact is that the transportation of oil from Russia to India is difficult and expensive. At the same time, prices for Russian oil products are falling significantly. Moreover, the Russians have a difficult situation with gas and aluminum.

During this time, Russia has offered the Chinese a thousand times all its products in various forms. Perhaps Xi Jinping is going to earn a lot of money for China during this visit, the political consultant suggested.

Thus, the leader of China may agree to buy Russian products on the cheap, but with a contract for 10-20 years. That is, the war will end, but Moscow will not be able to violate the contract with Beijing, which will be built on today's realities.

“China understands that today Russia will subscribe to anything, because it needs to put this oil somewhere,” Sheitelman said.

In addition, China intends to build large infrastructure facilities in Russia. Here we are not talking about taking away Siberia from Russia, since this has a figurative meaning. However, when Beijing is engaged in such projects, it mainly attracts only its own citizens. Consequently, Russians may be denied access there.

At the same time, the head of the Kremlin cannot refuse Xi Jinping on this issue. So, because of the frantic budget deficit, Russia urgently needs money.

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