Significant turning point in the war – Podolyak said what weapons Ukraine needs now


A significant turning point in the war, – Podolyak said what weapons Ukraine needs now< /p>

We still don't have enough weapons to turn the tide. Thus, another 50 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems would have a significant impact on the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

How much does a turning point in a war cost

On Channel 24, Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak told about this. He commented on his own message on Twitter, in which he calculated that the price of 50 such installations, and with them the achievement of fire parity and the destruction of enemy logistics, is $ 200 million.

Podolyak noted that this amount is definitely not “all the money in the world” Moreover, this is not even the cost of the yacht of one of the Russian oligarchs.

According to the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, he has no complaints against partner countries that strongly support Ukraine. Without this help, it would have been much more difficult to cope with the Russian invasion at such an intensity of war.

I wanted to give a specific example. War is mathematics, it is a specific amount of money, military resources, etc. Indeed, 50, 60, 80 HIMARS is a small amount, Podolyak explained.

HIMARS are not the only ones

He stressed that we are talking not only about HIMARS, but also about multiple launch rocket systems in general, for example, the M270 or any other system that provides more than 80 kilometers of range.

In his opinion, for a large-scale change an additional 50 corresponding MLRS and a certain number of missiles for them are required. This will completely destroy the logistics and headquarters infrastructure of the infidels along the perimeter of the combat zone.

“I show that the sums are not so large, that this war has specific mathematics. For example, if we say that HIMARS costs 4-4.5 million dollars, and one rocket to it costs 150 thousand, then, of course, we can add another 500 million or even a billion for missiles in the amount that we need,” Podolyak added.

Of course, we are talking about considerable amounts. But, given the tens of billions that Western partners have already allocated and continue to allocate to help Ukraine, they are absolutely real.

This war is not abstract. It has specifics in each direction. If we want such a breakthrough or such a deblockade, it costs so much money in terms of the same HIMARS, – summed up Mikhail Podolyak.

Note that although the Russians dream of destroying the HIMARS systems, which cause them huge losses in manpower , equipment and ammunition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not lose a single such MLRS. As military expert Pavel Narozhny explained, HIMARS in Ukraine is led by highly qualified artillery officers who, over the years of the war, have learned to be virtually invisible to the enemy.

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