Simonyan “poisons” jokes: Putin's propaganda really melted – absurd video


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While thousands of invaders are becoming fertilizer for the Ukrainian land, Russian propagandists continue to talk about the “greatness of Russia” and break through a new bottom. Recently, Margarita Simonyan shared an anecdote so beaten up that one can feel “Spanish shame”.

Channel 24 host Ekaterina Solyar smashed another “masterpiece” from propagandist Margarita Simonyan. The latter, in the best traditions of Russian “comic” shows, tried to “show off her mind.” But once again “crap * laz”. It can hardly be called humor at all.

“Great Soviet” diplomats

Simonyan tried to demonstrate that she has at least some makings of humor. But she didn't get the job done. She shared an old and “bearded” joke about the final exam of future Soviet diplomats, where they had to respond to the protest of a small African country, into whose territorial waters a Soviet submarine entered.

There is nothing funny in this joke. Simonyan once again demonstrated how vile and disgusting our enemy is.

I could tell you that you should have laughed after the word “shovel”. But she didn't hear him. But I heard another word that is not spoken in respectable circles. It all comes down to the fact that – what difference does it make whose waters we violated. You are a small African country, and we are a “great country”. I understand who Simonyan was really talking about,” Solyar noted.

It's funny that even before the war in 2014, Ukraine considered the Russian school of diplomats to be one of the best. But these are ordinary imperialists and scoundrels who ignore international law and common sense.

Fresh losses of the enemy

  • Russia is such a “great” state that it has already lost 122,170 of its own military . Such data are given by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of the 335th day of a full-scale war.
  • Russian soldiers regularly go to the “Kobzon concert”. Over the past day, on January 23, another 690 invaders went there.
  • In addition, the Russian invaders have already lost 3152 tanks, 6284 armored combat vehicles, 2148 artillery systems, 448 multiple launch rocket systems, 220 air defense systems, etc. .d.

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