Since the beginning of the year, new agendas have been approved in Ukraine: how are they different from the previous ones


New agendas have been approved in Ukraine since the beginning of the year: how are they different from the previous ones

At the end of 2022, new military registration rules were approved and came into force in Ukraine. At the same time, new agendas were approved.

From 2023, control over registration is being strengthened, the digitalization of many processes is increasing, the exchange of data between authorities, registries and employers of people to be registered. All this will reduce bureaucratic barriers and regulate the accounting process, writes 24 Channel.

What is known about the latest agenda template

< p> In Ukraine the last sample of the summons to the military registration and enlistment office (TTsK and SP) is valid only. It is somewhat similar to the previous one, but there is a difference between them.

Therefore, if you are handed a summons, you should carefully read it and make sure that this is exactly the sample that was approved by the new resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 30 2022.

If you are served with an old bunch of summons, you can refuse it and request that you provide a valid sample of it.

Sample of a new summons/Screenshot

What are the summons

Note that the issuance of a summons does not mean that a person liable for military service will be mobilized into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Agenda for clarification of data

Clarification of military credentials to update information about the composition of the family and the state of health of conscripts and those liable for military service in the first place. Information about the place of work may also be clarified.

  • Summon for a medical examination

This summons, signed by the military commissar, obliges the conscript to undergo a medical examination. As a result of the examination, a document is issued with the conclusion of the military medical commission on suitability or unfitness for military service. to the military commissariat for conscription. Failure to appear on this subpoena may result in criminal liability.

  • Mobilization order

This type of subpoena obliges you to arrive at the rally point within 24 hours of the announcement of mobilization. It is awarded to those liable for military service who have passed a medical examination and are deemed fit for military service.

Pay attention! Nowhere in the law is it indicated where a summons can be served. Therefore, it can be obtained anywhere – on the street, at the workplace, at home, at checkpoints.

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