Singer Macy Gray called for the remaking of the American flag

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Singer Macy Gray called for the remaking of the American flag

Macy Gray, 52, who won a Grammy for Best Pop Female Artist in 2001, wrote a column for Market Watch. She approached President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Congressmen with a proposal to radically redesign the American flag, because the current version does not correspond to the current state of affairs in the United States and the current agenda.

“[The flag] no longer represents democracy and freedom. He no longer represents ALL of us, ”writes Gray. “It's unfair that we are forced to honor him. It's time for a new flag. “

First, Gray does not like the fact that the flag has only 50 stars, not 52. The states still do not include Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, which is the capital of the country, Washington. But it would be high time.

Secondly, Gray doesn't like the color of the white stripes on the flag. “They symbolize purity and innocence. America is great. She is beautiful. But she is not clean. It is broken, it is in rubble. What if the stripes were off-white, grayish? What if there were 52 stars, including two representing the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico? What if the stars were the colors of us ALL – the colors of my skin and yours, reflecting all levels of melanin (the pigment that determines the color of the skin. – Ed.)? “

Fortunately, Macy Gray has no complaints about the other colors of the flag. “The blue square symbolizes vigilance and perseverance, the red stripes – valor. All this is inherent in America. What if all these elements remain? “

In the picture attached to the column, Gray presented a version of the ideal, from her point of view, flag: with stars in different shades of pink and brown and dirty gray stripes instead of white.

While some (like actresses Daphne Rubin-Vega and Jodie Soutine) rushed to support the thinker and designer Macy Gray, most commentators were opposed. On social media, rude offers to “leave the country” are heard if she doesn't like the flag. And South Dakota Governor Christie Noem tweeted, “New flag ?! No thanks. “Old Glory” (the name of the Stars and Stripes flag, which appeared back in 1831 – Ed.) Is still fluttering as a symbol of freedom and justice for all. ”

Singer Macy Gray called for the remaking of the American flag

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