Situation is difficult, may escalate – Kirilenko on increasing Russian pressure in Donbas


The situation is difficult, it may escalate, – Kirilenko on increasing Russian pressure in Donbas

The situation in Donbas may escalate, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready/Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russians are going to concentrate more troops in Donbass. Chairman of the OVA Pavel Kirilenko shared his vision on this matter.

According to him, the situation is acute. There are fears that it will escalate even more, channel 24 reports.

Fierce battles continue, and we see how the enemy is concentrating his forces from the south of the region. The occupiers are also strengthening around Mariupol. We understand their actions from the north, where the Donetsk region borders on the Kharkiv region,” Kirilenko said.

He once again stressed that the situation could become more complicated, and Ukraine understands this. The head of the UVA assured that they are ready for this and are doing everything to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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