Slovaks considered the United States and NATO guilty of the situation in Ukraine

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44% of Slovaks called NATO and the United States guilty of escalating the conflict around Ukraine

Словаки посчитали США и НАТО виновными в ситуации на Украине

Photo: Alexey Vitvitsky / RIA Novosti

Residents of Slovakia named those responsible for the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. The results of the polls were reported by the Bratislava TV channel “Marquise”.

According to the TV channel, 44 percent of Slovaks surveyed considered NATO and the United States guilty. 34 percent said that Russia was responsible for the situation. It is reported that 1,017 respondents participated in the survey, it was conducted from January 19 to 26.

Earlier, NATO recognized that Russia does not really plan to invade Ukraine yet, besides, the forces deployed at the border are not enough to attack. At the same time, the organization believes that Russia’s outbreak of war will provoke Western countries to intervene, which could lead to the outbreak of World War III.

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