Slowly, but the Russians are advancing, – Colonel on the situation in Bakhmut


Slowly, but the Russians are advancing, - Colonel on the situation in Bakhmut

The situation in Bakhmut has been very difficult for a week in a row. The enemy does not retreat and continues to attack. But the Ukrainian defenders heroically rebuff the invaders, holding the fortified city.

According to the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert, pilot-instructor Roman Svetan, the occupiers are advancing along the North and South of Bakhmut, but at a short distance – 100-200 meters. He told Channel 24 about this.

Organized a tank “carousel”

He stressed that the Ukrainian units had also been brought into the city and our tankers had recently worked well in the South of Bakhmut.

Several of our battalions came out and organized a tank “carousel”. The Russian troops, who were advancing along the south of the city and trying to cut off our road to Konstantinovka, had “fun,” Svitan stressed.

The Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that in the North the occupiers advanced to the Non-Ferrous Metals Plant.

“Now our parts of them are both chasing and” picking out “them from a 100-meter depth. The Russians have been pulled to the center of the Earth,” he noted.

Roman Svitan about the situation in Bakhmut: watch the video

We can take to the operational environment

He said that the occupiers were also trying to advance in the Bakhmut area towards Slavyansk.

But they are afraid to move on, because they have come off very far, and now our defenders can cut off these units and take them into the operational environment,” the military expert explained.

Roman Svitan stressed that it is hard in Bakhmut, but our soldiers are standing and holding the city.

Latest news from Bakhmut

  • Oleg Zhdanov said that he hung over Bakhmut. a kind of north ledge. This name he received in the circle of military analysts and experts. He noted: judging by the fact that the General Staff is not making any attempts to inflict such a flank strike that would “cut off” this performance, I understand that, unfortunately, there are no forces and resources for inflicting such a strike.
  • Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Deputy Commander of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade Rodion Kudryashov noted that the situation in Bakhmut is now acute and tense, but is under the full control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kudryashov said that the enemy is using wave attacks and shelling, trying to take control of logistical communications, but so far he has not succeeded.
  • According to Kudryashov, every day the enemy not only exchanges artillery shells with the Defense Forces along the front line and through logistical communications, but also infantry battles take place. The distance of these infantry battles is from 5 to 50 meters, that is, the battles go point blank.

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