“Smart” T-shirt has learned to shoot a cardiogram

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“Smart” T-shirt has learned to shoot a cardiogram

Scientists from Rice University (USA) have created a prototype of “smart” clothing that is able to monitor human health in real time. To do this, they woven a conductive thread of nanotubes into an ordinary T-shirt, according to Nano Letters.

These fibers are designed to monitor the heart rate and record a continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) of the wearer. They have the same conductivity as metal wires. At the same time, such clothes can be washed, they are much more comfortable than bulky devices for monitoring the heart, and they do not tear even with intense movements.

The initial width of the nanotube filament is 22 microns. The creators of the “smart” T-shirt connected three bundles of seven threads each – such a thread was comparable in size to the usual one, and it could be sewn into the material.

Experiments have shown that T-shirts produce an even more accurate cardiogram than conventional devices. But for the desired effect, the fabric must fit snugly against the chest. In the future, the authors of the project plan to use denser sections of carbon nanotube filaments to increase the surface area for skin contact.

The scientists noted that electrical devices, such as Bluetooth, can be connected to the smart T-shirt, which will transmit data to a smartphone or Holter monitor.

Carbon nanotube fiber was created in 2013. Research has shown that it has a wide range of uses in modern medicine. So, it was used for heart and cochlear implants, as well as for the development of electronic interfaces synchronized with the brain.

“Thanks to the combination of conductivity, good skin contact, biocompatibility and softness, carbon nanotube filaments are a natural component for wearable devices,” the experts noted.

Previously, scientists called an unusual symptom of a heart attack. They turned out to be pains in the abdomen.

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